Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro: SEO Consultant & Speaker

I offer specialized SEO consulting for web migrations, e-commerce websites, and technical optimization.
+4 years of SEO experience
Strategic approach
Clients in Mexico y Canad√°
Web Development experience

About Carlos

I'm an SEO consultant specialized in e-commerce SEO, I provide my consulting services through my consulting agency Wolfate.

I've participated in +40 online marketing conferences in Mexico. I've published articles in sites like The e-Mag and featured on articles published on sites like Databox, Serpstat and StarterStory.

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Web Migrations
Technical SEO
E-commerce SEO

From a change of domain or web structure to web consolidations, I work side-by-side with SEO and development teams to plan and execute a successful web migration. Each web migration has unique challenges, and it's crucial to follow best practices to reduce traffic loss, such as:

Project Management

I establish a multi-disciplinary roadmap with SEO and development teams to work effectively towards web migration.

URL Assessment

With a strategical approach and SEO data, I select and validate the existence of the essential URLs in the new domain or structure.

Redirect Mapping

I create a document that exemplifies the necessary one-on-one redirects for each URL to its equivalent new version.

A page's technical and on-page optimization are the two main parts of the SEO foundation apart from authority. I've developed optimization roadmaps for e-commerce sites in areas like:

International SEO

I work with development teams to implement hreflang tags on multi-country online stores.

Web Structure

Together with content and development teams, I help define a web structure good for UX.

Structured Data

I validate and help implement structured data for e-commerce sites to increase their visibility.

I've worked with several e-commerce brands to optimize their crawling and content relevance to increase their rankings.

Content Relevance

I provide actionable recommendations to improve the content relevance according to each page's role in the customer journey.

Web Structure

With the help of development teams, I help define an ideal web structure with an organized and hierarchical organization.

Internal Linking

I uncover internal linking opportunities to improve the navigational experience and crawl efficiency.

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Carlos helped us with our .com to .ca web migration, he helped us plan and execute everything with no traffic loss.
Kristine Wong
We are delighted with Carlos' work while moving our site to WooCommerce. We hope to work with him again.
Alejandro Robles
I've worked with Carlos on several projects and he always answered our questions and provided excellent support.
Karen Merino

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